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Name:Natasha Dawn "Tasha" Hamilton
Birthdate:Jul 4
Tasha is the older of two daughters born to Georgette and Russo Hamilton. She is eight years older than her sister, Sierra, but they were still very close siblings. Georgette Hamilton was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and was a model from her teens into her early thirties, which is when she finally decided to retire, get married, and have children. After a whirlwind and much gossiped about romance with fashion designer, Russo Hamilton, he proposed to her after her final catwalk run in Milan and they were married three days later. No one thought it would last, but they are still together to this day and very proud of both their daughters.

Tasha had her father's drive and ambition, and while she appreciated good fashion, she was a much bigger fan of the business aspects of the fashion world. She wanted nothing more than to be the driving force behind a company making money. It challenged her, and led to her getting her bachelor's in business from NYU and her MBA from Columbia. It was during her time at NYU that she burst the doors of the closet wide open, having her first sexual relationship with a woman, that was closely followed by her first dating relationship with one. That didn't last very long, though, with Tasha far more dedicated to pursuing her career than to dating, and for years, she's carried on a series of short lived dating relationships, but nothing serious.

The most important woman in Tasha's life would always be her little sister, Sierra, and it was their close relationship that kept Tasha in New York instead of leaving town to go to school. She would later be very grateful that she'd stayed around, when her watchful eye over Sierra made her the first one to catch onto the fact that her little sister was battling bulimia. Tasha was by her side when she went to her parents about her condition, and was one of her biggest supports when she went through treatment.

Sierra would very much end up returning the favor, when Tasha was diagnosed with breast cancer. A lumpectomy and a mixture of radiation and chemo (and the determination and drive that got her through pretty much everything else in the past) resulted in her being declared in remission, news that she celebrated at home with her little sister and lots of crying.

She's finally returning to her post as the Director of Marketing at FABULOUS magazine, her hair having come back in, and she hopes that she'll be settled into the swing of things again before long, working along side Paris Hart, the fag to her hag.
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